Bureau of Immigration bars entry of 145 alien sex offenders

January 03, 2019

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) yesterday said its officers at the airports barred at least 145 foreigners convicted of sex crimes from entering the country during the first 11 months of last year.

BI Port Operations Division Chief Grifton Medina said the number of registered sex offenders (RSOs) denied entry from January to November in 2018 was slightly lower than the 165 sex convicts intercepted in the same period in 2017.

RSO refers to a convicted sex offender who had served his sentence or is under probation or on parole.

The US and other countries maintain a sex offender registry that allows authorities to keep track of the activities and movement of sex offenders.

According to Medina, RSOs intercepted at the airports were immediately turned away and booked on the first available flight to their country of origin.

“Our immigration law expressly provides for the exclusion of foreigners convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude,” said Medina adding that the Philippines is off limits to these sex offenders.            

The BI said these foreigners pose a serious and real threat to Filipinos and the bureau is trying to prevent women and children from being victimized by these convicted perverts.