Bureau of Immigration nabs 2 Africans with fake Canadian visas

February 17, 2019

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced the arrest of two Africans who attempted to enter and leave the country with fake Canadian visas.

BI TCEU chief Erwin Ortañez identified the two Africans as Cameroonian national Etienne Makang Nformem, 35;  and Sudanese national Abdelmotalab Idris Himat Mohamed, 29.

Ortañez said Nformem was intercepted on Feb. 9 when he arrived on a Gulf Air flight from Bahrain.

During the interview, Nformem said he will be visiting his cousin in the Philippines and after three days he would be flying to Toronto.  

However, a close examination of the Canadian visa on his passport showed that it was fake.

On the other hand, Mohamed was apprehended on Feb. 13 while he was about to depart for Toronto on a Philippine Airlines flight.

Ortañez said Mohamed’s Canadian visa was also found to be a counterfeit after it was examined by personnel from the BI’s anti-fraud division.  

Nformen reportedly worked in the Philippines  before and he allegedly sent his passport to Sudan so his family could process his fake Canadian visa.

BI Port Operations Division Chief Grifton Medina informed Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente that the two Africans were arrested separately at the NAIA terminal 1 by members of the bureau’s travel control and enforcement unit (TCEU).

“We were able to prevent their plan to gain entry into Canada illegally because their fraudulent scheme did not escape the watchful eyes of our Immigration officers at the airport,” Medina said.

“We are warning these syndicates to stop their nefarious activities because our men at the airports are experts in detecting fraudulent visas and passports,” said Medina,  adding that the two Africans are now detained at the bureau pending prosecution for violating the Immigration act.