Bureau of Immigration reshuffle starts today

October 28, 2018

THE reshuffle of about 200 pesonnel of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) assigned at the Travel Control and Enforcement Unit (TCEU) and the Border Control Intelligence Unit takes effect beginning today.

Newly-designated Port Operations Division (POD) Chief Grifton Medina said a ban on vacation leaves was also implemented beginning October  27 to November 5 and will again be enforced from December 8 up to January 5, 2019. 

Medina, under whose jurisdiction the TCEU  and BCIU fall, also said the move is aimed at doing away with fraternization or too much familiarization which may adversely affect the way their personnel discharge their duties.

According to Medina, the reshuffle is for good governance and will only cover the rank-and-file since the heads are covered by department orders. Without going into details, he, however, said he has certain recommendations to the office of the commissioner for final approval.

Medina said  a major revamp would also be part of strategic moves that would aid measures which will be implemented to address the expected surge of passengers during the Christmas season.

This coming November alone, Medina said the volume of arriving and departing passengers is likely to breach the 30 million mark.

Last year, the number of such passengers processed by the BI reached at least 28 million.

He also announced that to address the expected increase in the number of departing and arriving passengers, about 100 new BI personnel will be assigned to the airports before  Christmas, particularly the premier NAIA Terminals.