Calida eyes libel suit vs Trillanes

September 27, 2018
Jose Calida

SOLICITOR General Jose Calida yesterday threatened to file libel and civil cases against opposition Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV for accusing him of stealing the lawmaker’s amnesty application record.

Only an apology from Trillanes would stop Calida from filing the case.

“Unless Mr. Trillanes expresses his sincere apology for calling me a thief, I shall be constrained to file a criminal case for libel plus damages against him,” he stressed in a statement.

“The putschist Mr. Trillanes ranted to the media that I ‘stole his amnesty application document. In effect, Mr. Trillanes maliciously branded me as a thief, which I’m not. Obviously, Mr. Trillanes’ rationality has deserted him,” Calida stressed.

The solicitor general explained that such application form did not exist as certified by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

He said Lt. Col. Thea Joan Andrade, chief of the Discipline, Law and Order Division of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel who is the custodian of the records issued a Certification that “there is no available copy of Trillanes’ application for amnesty in the records.”  

“Second, I have never entered the offices of the J1 or the Personnel Division of the AFP at Camp Aguinaldo so how could I ‘steal’ documents kept there?” Calida pointed out.