Call center agent found hanging lifeless

August 02, 2020

AYOUNG, female call center agent was said to have committed suicide inside her home in Sampaloc, Manila.

The victim was found lifeless and hanging by the neck by her sister when the latter went to visit her home in Sampaloc.

P/Executive Master Sgt. Jonatan Bautista of the Manila Police District-Homicide Section said the victim, 23, was found dead at around 9:30  a.m. the other day by her sister, when her knocks went unanswered.

She used a duplicate key but the door was still locked from the inside, so the sister knew the victim was in there.  She sought assistance from the caretaker and the police and the door was forcibly opened.

The victim was found hanging with the use of a nylon electric cord that was tied to an iron grill in a window.

Witnesses told the police they heard a thud coming from her house at around 5 p.m on Friday.

Her boyfriend told the police he was not aware of any problem bugging the victim.

He added that the last text message he received from her was on July 31, when she said ‘Goodbye my baby.’ He said he is clueless because they are not even into fights.