Carnap cases dip by 57%

Oscar D. Albayalde

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde yesterday congratulated the PNP Highway Patrol Group headed by Brigadier General Roberto B. Fajardo for its intensified anti-carnapping campaign which has led in the nearly 57 percent reduction in motor vehicle theft last Monday compared to the same period in 2018.

Albayalde said there were only 19 carnapping incidents recorded last month compared to the 44 cases investigated by the PNP-HPG in May 2018 and credited it to the Unit’s intensified effort to account for most wanted car thieves and other personalities behind motor vehicle and motorcycle theft nationwide.

Fajardo has ordered all his 17 Regional Highway Patrol Units and the HPG Intelligence Division and HPG Special Operations Division-Task Force Limbas to see to it that they will account for all carnapping personalities included in their newly-validated most wanted list.

Fajardo ordered the revalidation of their most wanted list amid the possibility that some of those in the list have already been arrested or are out in bail, others have been killed in operations conducte by other police units and others have already passed away due to other reasons like natural causes.

Albayalde said that during the period, there were also no recorded carnapping cases in Regions 1,2,4-A, 5,6, 8, 9, 11, 13 and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.  

The carnapping cases investigated by the PNP-HPG last May took place in the National Capital Region with eight compared to the 20 in 2018; Cordillera (1); Region 12 (1); Region 10 (2); Region 7 (4); and Region 3 with 3 cases.

In May 2018, the following number of carnapping cases were recorded: Region 1with 3; Region 2 with 2;  Region 3 with 5; Region 4-A with 9; Region 4-B with 1; Region 6 with 1; Region 7 with 1; Region 11 with 1; Cordillera region with 1; and NCR with 20.

The biggest reduction was recorded in Metro Manila with 8 last May compared to the 20 cases in May 2018.

“Carnapping incidents has gone down following the PNP’s intensified campaign against criminality and the HPG’s relentless campaign against carnapping syndicates nationwide,” said PNP spokesman, Colonel Bernard M. Banac.

However, the PNP-HPG is also having its hands full in investigating modern carnapping cases involving the so-called ‘Rent Tangay/Rent Sangla’ syndicates which have victimized hundreds of private car owners in the past.

Personalities involved in the fraudulent scheme have stopped  stealing motor vehicles at gunpoint or while parked unattended. Instead, they offer to rent the mortgaged motor vehicles of their targets by giving them  advance payment and promising to pay for the monthly amortizations.

As soon as the victim gives the motor vehicle to the syndicate, the car or SUV is sold to another buyer using forged Land Transportation Office documents.

The victim will then realize that his motor vehicle is already missing when he discovers that his monthly amortization is not being paid by the person who contacted him and the latter fails to return the vehicle despite repeated demands.

Last May 21, the PNP-HPG marked its 64thfounding anniversary by renewing its firm commitment to help ensure road safety and discipline and further reduce incidents of highway robberies, car and motorcycle theft and hijackings in the country.

As part of its anniversary, the PNP-HPG has again called on the public to fully support its Oplan: Tokhang Kontra Wang-Wang which is a continuing crackdown against unauthorized users of sirens, blinkers and other banned gadgets by reporting all violators to their hotline 7444-474, (02) 723-2824 or 7230401 local 4389, Viber Account No. (0998) 5988171, or thru the HPG Facebook account HPG Disiplinadongdriver or email account hpgdisiplinadongdriver@gmailcom.