Catriona Gray set to formalize complaint over fake nude photos

July 26, 2020
Catriona Gray

Miss Universe Catriona Gray is expected to return to the National Bureau of Investigation today to formalize the filing of  affidavit against the uploader of her fake topless photos that went viral on social media.

NBI Cyber Crime Division (NBI-CCD) Chief Victor Lorenzo said Gray was supposed to submit her affidavit last Wednesday but the NBI headquarters in Manila was placed on lockdown for disinfection and sanitation service.

Last Tuesday, Gray went to the NBI to seek assistance over the spread of her fake topless photos.

Atty. Chris Liquigan, one of Gray’s counsels, said: “She was hurt, she was surprised because when you look at the photos, these are actually taken and edited from Catriona Gray’s Bench ad. Obviously it was altered to make it appear it was she in the photo.”

She recently trended on social media after her former boyfriend Clint Bondad posted cryptic Instagram messages about his post break-up sentiments.

In a statement released last week, Atty. Joji Alonso has called on the public to be more discerning during this time that “fake news is prevalent” on social media.

“We strongly denounce this vicious attempt to tarnish the good name of Ms.Gray.

“At a time when fake news is prevalent, we firmly urge the public to be discerning and critical of what they see and share on social media,” Alonso said.

She added that Gray’s camp will not hesitate to take any legal actions whoever behind this fake photo of the beauty queen.

“We are actively coordinating with authorities to hold accountable whoever is behind this scheme and face penal sanctions accordingly. “

“We will likewise take legal action against those involved in the manufacture and publication of  the fake photo,” Alonso added.