Cebuano businessmen thanked for speedy aid

FORMER President now Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo personally thanked Cebuano businessmen for the immediate aid given to Pampanga after the magnitude 6.1 earthquake.

According to Arroyo, these Cebuano businessmen gave at least P1.1 million to Pampanga, the worst hit in this year’s strong earthquake.

Arroyo was in Cebu to visit the projects she launched when she was President.

The former President, who is on her last and final term as Pampanga 2nd District Representative, said the businessmen helped the province get back on its feet.

The monetary assistance would be used to fund the construction of the houses that were destroyed by the quake especially in Poro town, Pampanga where at least 40 houses were destroyed and a supermarket was reduced to rubble.

Reports said at least 1,000 houses were damaged in the entire province of Pampanga during the April 22 earthquake.

She reminded the government that substandard construction could be dangerous to an entire community.

“On the positive side, the quick response should be looked into as a model,” she said.

Meanwhile, Arroyo lauded the proper and effective coordination of the national  and local disaster risk reduction teams that saved many lives in Pampanga after the quake.

“This well coordinated rescue operations should be reviewed by both the local and national governments in order to create a more efficient disaster risk reduction and management plan,” she stressed.

She said that the incoming Congress and the Senate should look at revisiting the building laws in order to incorporate regulation in fencing.