Chinese Coast Guard ‘harassment’ of Pinoy TV crew deplored

November 23, 2018

AT LEAST three senators expressed outrage and urged the government to file a diplomatic protest after a television crew of a giant news network was harassed by the Chinese Coast Guard while doing a documentary on the West Philippine Sea.

Senator Joel Villanueva said that filing a diplomatic protest will in fact be a good opportunity for the Philippines to emphasize its claim on disputed parts of the WPS.

Senator JV Ejercito and Sonny Trillanes meanwhile showed a stronger and more aggressive reaction to the incident.

“I am against the bullying of China ever since.  I am not smiling with this latest development,” Ejercito said in a statement.

“Thorse are clearly acts of aggression.  Yes the DFA must file a diplomatic protest about the matter,” Trillanes added.

GMA news reporter Jun Veneracion narrated that they were doing a documentary on the situation of Filipino fishermen at Scarborough Shoal when the Chinese Coast Guard approached them and told them that making interviews in the area are not allowed aside from fishing.

When asked when the order was issued, the Chinese coast guard told them that they could not tell them.

Meanwhile, Senator Koko Pimentel still maintained that military deployment to the area being contested might just add fuel to the fire and tensions might escalate beyond control.

“It was an understandable judgment call on the part of Pres. (Rodrigo) Duterte to show ‘magnanimity in victory’ and not do anything which might be misinterpreted by the other party as either provocation or an attempt to enforce the decision,” Pimentel said.