Commission in Audit questions PDEA P74-M travel expenses

THE Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) had local travel expenses of P74.283 million without required supporting documents, the Commission in Audit (CoA) said.

Based on its 2018 audit report, the PDEA had an issuance of 101 disbursement vouchers (DVs) for 2018 transactions pertaining to local travel expenses totaling P51.83 million that were not supported by any official receipt.

Likewise, eight other DVs for airfares worth P9.13 million and liquidation reports for transactions amounting to P13.32 million were found to be inadequately supported by documents.

The CoA stressed that under the rules liquidation for local travels, travel should be accompanied by travel orders, official itinerary, paper/electronic plane ticket or boarding passes, certificate of appearance, a certification by the head of the agency that the travel was necessary, and a certification that the travel was completed.

“The incomplete documentation of the transactions, aside from non-adherence to existing rules and regulations, rendered difficulty in ascertaining the propriety, necessity and validity of the transactions,” the CoA pointed out.

After being notified, the PDEA agreed to require its personnel to submit full documentation for travels undertaken and to submit the lacking documents for last year’s transactions.

PDEA’s cashier must also require its claimants to submit official receipts and refrain from payment without complete documentation.