Construction of more power plants pushed

September 27, 2018

WITH the looming power shortage, Minority Leader and Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez is pushing for the construction of more power plants in the country.

Suarez said existing coal-fired power plants are already outdated, insufficient and vulnerable to failures.

He stressed that there are unexpected power shutdowns and thin reserves especially in the Luzon grid.

Suarez is pushing for the approval of the construction of power plants similar to the 1200-megawatt coal-fired facility in Atimonan, Quezon.

“Technology is available for clean coal emissions. This power plant in Atimonan, to our understanding, is an ultra super critical power plant. They are the first to utilize H.E.L.E. (high efficiency, low emissions technology),” Suarez said.    

He added that the transition to an entirely renewable energy structure would take time.

“An acceptable interim is to allow the construction and operation of power plants that produce cheap energy and utilize clean technology,” he said.

The solon’s proposal came amid initiatives to lessen the country's reliance on carbon-emitting coal-fired plants and shift to greater use of renewable energy.