Construction of new power plants pushed

HOUSE minority leader and Quezon Rep. Danilo “Danny” Suarez backed the construction of new power plants within his area to help the country address the thinning baseload in Luzon.

“I will not hesitate to continue my support for the construction of new power plants,” said Suarez, the incoming Quezon governor.

The lawmaker added that electricity consumers are the most affected when rotating brownouts occur due to lack of power plants to supply the much-needed baseload.

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has been issuing yellow alert since the onset of the summer months due to high electricity demand while supply is steadily dwindling.

Suarez is piqued why NGCP has been constantly issuing the alerts when in fact there are power plants that are ready for construction which has been delayed due to confusing regulatory issues.

The Supreme Court (SC) also recently issued an order for all distribution utility companies to participate in competitive selection bidding for their power supply agreement (PSA) applications, resulting in the delay in the construction of new and modern power plants.

He is not in favor of the SC order, saying the distribution utility companies already complied with the selection process when they filed their PSA application.

“At the end of the day, those power plants has a mandate to achieve their return on investment, their profits are controlled hence they are not allowed to increase their price, the consumers will be at the losing end if that happens,” said Suarez.