Cops receive 2019 midyear bonus

THE Philippine National Police has released the 2019 midyear bonus of 195,561 active duty uniformed and non-uniformed personnel worth nearly P6.4 billion, officials said yesterday.

According to PNP spokesman Colonel Bernard M. Banac, the PNP Finance Service headed by Brigadier General Joselito  M. Vera Cruz has released funds amounting to P6,388,730,726.46 to pay for the legislated midyear bonus that is equivalent to one month basic salary.

Vera Cruz said that the midyear bonus has been credited to the individual ATM payroll accounts of PP personnel with the Land Bank of the Philippines as of Tuesday,  and is available for debit transactions.

Vera Cruz also explained that the release of bonus to PNP personnel with pending administrative and criminal cases is deferred.

Banac emphasized that the swift release of their mid-year bonus  aims to boost the morale of the 195,000-strong PNP force.

“At the same time, this is according  to the vision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in support to the PNP to provide their needs and will definitely be beneficial to their families,” Banac said.