Dakilang Lahi president: Oust DU30 plot in full swing

“I STRONGLY believe there’s a serious “Oust Duterte” plot now in full-swing that may include the assasination of the president as an option”, Castelo said, adding, “We must pray for the safety of the president and protection our country”.

Castelo said history tells us that the most appropriate time for perpetrators to execute a plan to unseat a president in office, is when people are divided - right around a national election period.     “We’ve seen this happen during the time of President Marcos in 1986 and President Estrada in 2001 — where a planned assasination of both presidents were indeed an option, it just did not materialize,” said Castelo.

“I believe the so called “Oust Duterte” plot was hatched early on and has been in motion since the president’s first day in office in 2016. However, for this plot to succeed, it must have 1. public support - the president’s popularity remains at a record high. 2. military backing; the president is a darling of the military. 3. U.S. support; a brilliant tactician and expert in geo-politics that he is, the president has played his cards well between the U.S. and other major powers in the region.”, Castelo said.

Castelo also believes the intensified attacks against the Duterte administration we’re seeing these days; exposes, reported local and foreign media collusion, foreign meddling, etc, are all part of a grand destabilization plot aimed at removing president Duterte from office. Castelo, however believes that this effort is unlikely to succeed owing to the absence of elements mentioned earlier. Castelo’s fear though is that the perpetrators, in a desperate move, may opt to use its last card - to assasinate the president.

“Let us remain vigilant as we pray for the safety of the president and protection of our country. Let us preserve our country’s gains since the president took office.This nation has been blessed with a strong and decisive leader in the person of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Let him continue the great job he’s doing for our country - for the benefit of present and future generations of Filipinos,” Castelo stressed.