De Lima comes under scathing Panelo attack

February 05, 2019
Leila De Lima

MALACAÑANG has slammed Sen. Leila De Lima, stressing that her detention “has dulled her senses.”

The Palace said this yesterday after the opposition senator claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte is just “mighty in words, but inept in action” in terms of dealing with terrorism.

De Lima issued the statement in the wake of the recent bombings in Mindanao.

“The detained Senator Leila de Lima is talking nonsense. Her confinement has dulled her senses,” Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo said in a statement.

Panelo said De Lima, who has been detained on drug-related charges, is forgetting that President Duterte is the same President “who crushed the dreaded and ruthless ISIS and their local counterparts in the Marawi siege.”

“This is also the same President who has declared a war on drugs, criminality and corruption and gained headway in all those fronts by his swift action and enforcement of the law, without fear or favor,” he added.

The Palace official noted that instead of offering her sympathies and support, De Lima “opted to be indifferent if not callous” to the military.

“De Lima is blaming the intelligence community and questioning how the intelligence fund was being spent,” Panelo said.

“The fact that the soldiers were not able to detect the terrorists who disguised themselves as churchgoers is no reason for this criminally accused legislator to be so insensitive as to blame them for the tragedy,” he added.

Panelo also dismissed the detained senator as an “irrelevant political entity” trying to re-enter the public’s consciousness “by dishing out reckless and offensive rants against the President reducing herself into a pathetic figure and a pitiful caricature.”