Death for drug crimes pressed

December 16, 2018

THE chairman of the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs yesterday reiterated his appeal to the Senate leadership to pass the proposed law restoring the death penalty for drug-related crimes.

Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers, the panel chairman and one of the principal authors of the death penalty bill, said “death is the only language that criminals and big-time syndicates and criminals understand.”

“What are we waiting for, more deaths and crimes brought about by substance abuse?  A whole nation of drug addicts?  A narco-state? The future of our children is already compromised as it is.  Are we waiting for them to turn addicts or victims of drug related crimes? Please listen to the deafening silence of our children,” said Barbers.

Barbers lamented that criminals and big-time syndicates remain due to the supposed “lack of implementation of the laws” and the “the lack of the deterrent effect of the penalties.”

“I appeal to the Senate to pass the Death Penalty Bill that has been approved by this House. This is the only legislation that is apt for these crimes that keep on happening,” said Barbers.

In March 2017, the House of Representatives voted in favor, 54 against while one abstained in approving House Bill (HB) No. 4727 on third and final reading.

From an initial list of 21 crimes that included rape, treason and plunder, the House leadership decided to limit death penalty to drug-related crimes and offenses to ensure the consensus of House members belonging to the majority.