Democracy alive — Guevarra

February 25, 2019
Menardo Guevarra

JUSTICE Secretary Menardo Guevarra yesterday said democracy in the country remains alive 33 years after the historic EDSA People Power revolution in 1986.

Guevarra issued the statement in response to claims of the opposition that Filipinos’ freedom are being threatened and undermined under the Duterte administration. 

“We Filipinos continue to enjoy the liberties that we regained after the People Power revolution in 1986… Our government institutions function with vibrancy under a democratic regime,” he said.

Guevarra also belied claims that freedom of the press was under attack, which was fanned by the recent arrest of Rappler’s Maria Ressa for cyber libel.

“We continue to enjoy the freedom of the press and most especially with the advent of social media, people are free to express their grievances,” Guevarra said.

He also assured the public that human rights in the country are still being respected and protected by laws.

“We have human rights groups who are ever vigilant,” he pointed out.

Lastly, Guevarra stressed that democracy in the country is not threatened even with the implementation of martial law in Mindanao, which the Supreme Court has declared as constitutional.

“Martial law in Mindanao does not curtail the civil rights of our brothers in the island; on the contrary, it is imposed precisely to protect those civil rights against elements who wish to overthrow our duly constituted authorities and who espouse an ideology that thrives on violence and oppression,” he argued.