Department of Agriculture introduces storm-resilient monolithic dome in Cagayan

April 01, 2019
Emmanuel Piñol

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol yesterday said the Philippines should change the “post-disaster intervention” in handling natural  calamities to lessen the government’s expenditures in repairing the damage in agricultural products.

“Of course, nobody can tame the typhoons or lessen the intensity of the heat during droughts but there are some mitigating measures which could ease the impact of these natural calamities on Philippine Agriculture,” Piñol explained.

He said one of the mitigating measures  the department it will implement is the construction of the first-ever monolithic dome in Iguig, Cagayan Province.

Piñol said the strange-looking structure, which looks like an Eskimo Igloo, was designed by German engineers and constructed by a Filipino company who engaged Polish consultants.

He said the Polish engineering consultants told him during his visit in Iguig last week that the monolithic dome could withstand a Signal 5 typhoon similar to “Yolanda” which devastated the Visayas in 2013 and Ompong which ravaged Northern Luzon last year.

Piñol was also informed that the aero-dynamic design of the building could withstand strong winds while the insulators embedded in the concrete dome keeps temperature by at least 15 degrees Celsius lower than outside temperature.

“While this dome has been proven to work in other countries, it will be put to a tough test in the Philippines at the onset of the typhoon season,” Piñol said.

He  stressed that the DA will adopt the building design in all regions frequently visited by typhoons, when it is proven to work. Aside from protecting the crops of farmers from being damaged during typhoon season, the dome will also save government billions of pesos in building repairs every year.

He added that  the space inside the monolithic dome is so wide that this same design could even be used in constructing government buildings in typhoon-ravaged areas of the country.