Department of Health to netizens: Stop sharing Velasco’s suicide video

January 17, 2019
Brian Velasco

THE Department of Health appealed to netizens to stop sharing the video of Razorback drummer Brian Velasco.

Velasco died by suicide and streamed the act online on Wednesday. The Facebook Live stream has been taken down, but some netizens have downloaded a copy and shared it online.

“We are aware of the video going around the internet of his suicidal act. We request for the public to stop sharing this tragic video and respect the family who are still grieving and in pain due to this unfortunate event,” the DoH said in a statement.

DoH reiterated that depression is a serious condition that needs thoughtful discussion.

“We need to start talking about depression to end the stigma around mental health because when left unattended, it can lead to suicide,” it said.

Close to 800,000 people die of suicide every year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. In the Philippines, 3.3 million Filipinos suffer from depressive disorders with suicide rates in 2.5 males and 1.7 females per 100,000.