Department of Justice starts hunt for ‘Bikoy’

April 22, 2019
Menardo Guevarra

Department of Justice out to unmask shadowy ‘Bikoy’ and the people behind ‘Totoong Narco List’ videos
THE Department of Justice has started tracking down the people behind the “Totoong Narco List” videos that implicated the family of President Duterte in the illegal drugs trade.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said he has ordered a fact-finding investigation to determine the people behind the videos and to build possible criminal cases against them.

”I have given instructions to the DoJ Office of Cybercrime to coordinate with the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) cybercrime unit and find out the source of these videos,” Guevarra said.

Apart from identifying the alias “Bikoy” in the videos and the individuals behind them, Guevarra said the probers are also tasked to determine possible criminal charges that can be filed against the identified persons.

”The criminal charges would depend on the acts committed. The fact-finding team may look, for instance, if there is basis for filing of a cyber libel complaint,” Guevarra said.

Asked if investigators would study sedition charges against those behind the videos which were reportedly part of a destabilization plot against the administration, Guevarra said he would leave the matter to the fact-finding team.

The DoJ started its investigation into the “Bikoy” videos after President Duterte himself said last week that he would retaliate against those behind what he described as black propaganda against him and his family.

PNP probe

Philippine National Police chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde yesterday said they are not discounting a looming destabilization plot against President Duterte citing the series of anti-government videos released by “Bikoy.”

Speaking before Camp Crame newsmen, the PNP chief said that while there is no evidence of a destabilization plot “as of this time,” the fact that the President and his family and closest friends have been linked to a drug syndicate could be part of the effort to undermine the present government.

“There’s a possibility. We are not discounting the fact that there’s a destabilization plot kasi nakatutok sa President,” the PNP chief said.

According to Gen. Albayalde, the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group is yet to establish the real identity of “Bikoy” and those behind the videos since the uploader is believed to be using a false account.

“But of course, I am sure, hindi lang si ‘Bikoy’ ito. Meron talagang gumagawa kasi scripted yung sinasabi niya,” he said.

There were reports that the real “Bikoy” could be a radio broadcaster from Northern Luzon who was hired to speak negatively of the President without showing his actual face.

The PNP chief maintained he is certain that those creating the videos were receiving financial support from someone. “Scripted lahat sinasabi ni Bikoy and I am sure me financier yan,” he said.

With Alfred Dalizon