Die rather than surrender, cops, soldiers told

December 08, 2018
Rodrigo R. Duterte

“DIE with dignity.”

Rather than fall into the hands of rebels, President Rodrigo Duterte told soldiers and policemen to just kill themselves.

Speaking before policemen at a ceremony in Davao City, the President said the police and the military should always have at least three bullets in their issued weapons so they would be able to shoot themselves when cornered by enemies.

"Be sure to leave three bullets in the magazine kasi pag na-corner na kayo, p----ng---a ninyo, kainin ninyo 'yang baril ninyo, kalabitin niyo," he added.

The President stressed that he does not want any soldier or policeman captured by state enemies.

"Ayaw kong makita na pulis o sundalo na ma-capture, na babuyin ka doon sa mga kampo nila, and after a long, long hostage...Kainin mo ang bala mo," Duterte said.

"Die with dignity. Total, mamatay man talaga tayong lahat," he added.

The President also announced he would deploy one more division of soldiers in Jolo, Sulu to fight the enemies there, referring to the Abu Sayyaf.

“They will humiliate and debase you in their camps, and after a long, long time (of taking you) hostage, they will let you face the camera,” the President said. “Kainin mo na ang bala mo (Eat your own bullet),” he said.

The President said he would go to Jolo himself to accompany the new soldiers.

“Kung na-corner tayong lahat, sabay tayo kain (If all of us get trapped, let’s do it together) One, two… Kalabitin mo (Pull the trigger),” he said.

He said he would be in Jolo when the new division of soldiers arrive.

“I’m going there,” he said. “Pagdating ng one division nandoon ako (When the new division arrives, I’ll be there),” he said.

He said he had given police and soldiers firearms and ammunition.

“Nabigyan ko na sila. Sabi ko, this is provided with three magazines. Iyong dalawa i-deploy ninyo. ‘Pag naubos isa, pansak (insert/replace) ‘yung isa. ‘Pag naubos ‘yung isa … Be sure to count the numbers. Be sure to leave three bullets in the magazine kasi ‘pag na-corner na kayo, p***** i** ninyo kainin ninyo ‘yang baril ninyo. Kalabitin mo (I’ve already given them (firearms), I told them, this is provided with three magazines, the first two, deploy (on your enemies) but if these run out, be sure to count the numbers, be sure to count the bullets, be sure to leave three bullets in the magazine because if you are cornered, you may put your gun to your mouth, pull the trigger),” he said.

The President also reminded state forces anew to be wary of “sparrow units” of the New People's Army (NPA), or the rebels' death squad.

Earlier, he said the communist death squads have begun to target government forces. He said he plans to organize his own death squad to counter the rebels.

Ending his speech on a lighter note, Duterte said he would be willing to shoot himself in sync with his men should he be captured, as well.

"Ako mag-punta ako doon. Kung na-corner tayong lahat, sabay tayo kain,” he said, drawing laughter from the audience.