Drug test for sacked ‘ninja cops’ ordered

February 10, 2020
Archie Francisco F. Gamboa

PHILIPPINE National Police chief General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa has ordered the  drug tests for 357 police officers and men he ordered relieved from their posts while undergoing an investigatio  for their alleged links to illegal drugs. 

During his meeting with the policemen at the PNP Multi-Purpose Center in Camp Crame on Friday last week, the PNP chief ordered those who heeded orders for them to report to the MPC to submit their urine specimen for a drug test. The result of the surprise drug test is yet to be released as of yesterday.

Gamboa also ordered the re-accounting of the policemen included in the National Watchlist on Illegal Drugs after some of the 357 who were ordered to report to Camp Crame last week failed to surface.

The PNP chief transferred the 357 to his office and ordered their daily accounting as they undergo a  month-long thorough adjudication process that will see if they are really involved or were merely ‘wrongly accused’ of involvement in illegal drug trafficking activities.

The 357 are composed of at least two star-rank officers, at least 10 fully-fledged Police Colonels, 27 Lieutenant Colonels, 27 Majors, 4 Lieutenants and the rest being all Police Non-Commissioned Officers.


Meanwhile, Gamboa said  all 90 police generals and colonels who took a surprise drug test he ordered on Thursday last week were found negative for substance abuse.

“All 90 who took the surprise drug test are negative for shabu and marijuana,”  Gamboa said.

Last week, the PNP chief ordered his men to close the doors of the PNP National Headquarters’ Conference Room in Camp Crame and ordered all officials present to submit their urine specimen to the PNP Crime Laboratory.

Gamboa and his Command Group -- PNP Deputy Chief for Administration Lieutenant Gen. Camilo Pancratius P. Cascolan, PNP Deputy Chief for Operations Lt. Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar and PNP Chief Directorial Staff Major Gen. Cesar Hawthorne R. Binag -- led the drug test.

The  surprise drug test highlighted the Command Conference presided by the PNP chief and attended by members of the PNP Command Group, Directorial Staff, Regional and National Support Unit Directors.

“This drug testing not only determines the fitness of PNP Commanders to stay in their posts. But more importantly, manifests the sincerity of the PNP to cleanse its own ranks according to the desire of President Rodrigo R Duterte,”  Gamboa said.