Duterte champions empowerment of Filipino women

March 08, 2019
Woman activist
An activist shouts slogans as she raises a clenched fist during a protest to commemorate International Women's Day in Manilay yesterday. AFP/Ted ALJIBE

DESPITE being a self-confessed womanizer and criticized as sexist, President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday vowed to create an “enabling environment for women to be empowered.”

In his International Women’s Day message, Duterte called for the proper implementation of the Magna Carta for Women in government, which seeks to eliminate discrimination against women.

“This important occasion reminds us all to pave the way for an enabling environment for women to be empowered and to make sure that the Magna Carta for Women is properly implemented at all levels of government,” he said.

“We must also create and facilitate platforms to discuss best practices, gaps and challenges in pursuing gender and development in local government units all over the country,” he added.

The President said Women’s Day should “serve as a testament to our firm commitment to always inform and engage various stakeholders—whether in the government, the private sector or in civic organizations.”

“In this manner, we can promote gender equality and put in place functional mechanisms that ensure that any development effort would be inclusive and gender responsive,” he said.

“Together, let us work in solidarity with all appropriate institutions to address the strategic needs of women and recognize their innumerable contributions to society,” he added.