Duterte gives dire warning to bishop

November 27, 2018
Rodrigo R. Duterte
Rodrigo R. Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has warned that he would cut off a bishop’s head if the latter were found to be selling illegal drugs.

But the President did not name the bishop he was referring to, even as he renewed hitting the Catholic Church, accusing bishops of corruption and asking cars and other favors from the government.

“Bishop, kapag magpabili ka ng droga paputulan kita ng ulo,” the President said, without naming the bishop he was addressing.

Earlier, in his speech, however, he had lashed out at a certain “Bishop David,” for believing in an “archaic” faith and engaging in the corrupt practice of asking cars or favors from the government, among others.

“The Catholic Church and Bishop David is clinging to a belief 3,000 years ago,” the President said. “How can people 3,000 years ago predict what is happening today?”

The President made these remarks in a speech he delivered  during the construction kick-off ceremony of a bulk water supply project in Barangay Gumalang, Baguio District.

He said the “archaic” church was only good at making money.

Without naming names, Duterte said bishops had been asking cars and favors from government, knowing fully well it was corruption.

“And you have the balls [to criticize], brave as you are, to ask for cars from the government?” he asked.

“David,” the President said at one point in his speech. “Nagdududa tuloy ako bakit sige ka ikot kapag gabi, duda tuloy ako sa droga ka.”

Earlier, the President had accused a certain “Bishop David” of taking money from donations to benefit his family.