Duterte gives special pay to frontliners

April 06, 2020
Rodrigo Duterte

CNN Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an order granting a special allowance to frontline public health workers during the period of the enhanced community quarantine.

Under Administrative Order 28, a one-time COVID-19 special risk allowance, equivalent to a maximum of 25 percent monthly basic pay, will be granted to public health workers who have great exposure to health risks in light of the pandemic.

The public health workers refer to medical, allied medical, and other personnel assigned in hospitals and healthcare facilities directly catering to or in contact with COVID-19 patients, persons under investigation or persons under monitoring.

In order to avail of the grant, these workers should either be civilian employees under regular, contractual, casual, or part-time positions; workers engaged through job order; and barangay health workers regardless of the nature of engagements and have been assigned to health care facilities.

The grant of the allowance will be pro-rated based on the number of days that the public health workers physically reported for work during the period of the enhanced community quarantine.

Those who were present at work for three to seven days will get 25 percent of the incentive, 50 percent to those who worked for eight to 12 days, 75 percent for 13 to 17 days, and 100 percent incentive for those who worked for 18 or more days.

Consultants, laborers engaged through job contracts, student workers, apprentices, and those not.