Duterte presses Navy modernization

June 18, 2019
Rodrigo Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said the country will have the capability to wage war when the military has acquired more equipment by the end of his term.

At the 121st anniversary rites of the Philippine Navy Monday, the President announced that he intends to allot more funds to upgrade the military’s defense capability before the end of his term.

“One thing is very sure, you have had the best of the procurement money sa ating gobyerno. I have contracted to buy, already bought, and I will give you more by the end of my term,” he said in his remarks.

“Siguraduhin ko lang na pagkatapos kong Presidente pwede na tayong maghamon maski kanino ng giyera. We can challenge everybody [I will make sure that when my presidency ends, we can challenge anyone to war. We can challenge everybody],” he added.

With the AFP modernization program, the commander-in-chief said he hopes government troops will continue to serve the nation and protect the country from all threats.

He noted that the government has recently acquired two anti-submarine helicopters and four amphibious assault vehicles for the Philippine Navy. He said such equipment would embolden the country’s naval force “to further strengthen your capabilities to serve our countrymen.”

“It is also my hope that as we send off our newly refurbished and upgraded commissioned naval vessels, you will remain steadfast in protecting the Republic against all threats in the seas,” he said.

Duterte also asked the troops to maximize their potentials and capacities as the country takes on the threats of terrorism and violent extremism. In return, he promised to continue to support the military.

“I assure you that you have my full support and confidence as we chart a better and brighter future for our nation,” he said.

“Always keep in mind that this government will always assist the men and women of the Philippine Navy as we pursue a more peaceful future for everybody,” he added.