Duterte rejects hazing among soldiers, cops

November 02, 2018

President Rodrigo Duterte rejected forms of hazing among soldiers and police, pointing out such practices will only lead to psychological trauma.

During the situation briefing on Typhoon Rosita on Thursday (November 1) Duterte said he had dismissed police personnel who had allegedly been involved in hazing that involved oral sex.

“You do not train a soldier or policeman who goes out with trauma…That kind of thing is really taboo, hindi puwede yan sa lalaki (that’s not okay for men),” he said.

“‘Pagdating sa akin (When it comes to me), it is actually dismissal, I don’t need that kind of shit,” he said.

Such hazing practices could eventually lead soldiers or policemen developing grudges against each other, said Duterte.

“I don’t need my soldiers, police dehumanized. I cannot imagine if they go out what would be the paradigm of that guy. He will take it against the others because it’s a trauma that stays, nawala yung dignity ng tao (the dignity of the person is gone),” he said.

“Do not ever do that kasi mag-away tayo (because we will fight),” he added.

Duterte even recalled a time he had to endure hazing. He said that as a fraternity member, he had been ordered to kiss another man. He refused, leading fraternity members to slap him “300” times. He supposedly had to be brought to the hospital after.