Duterte thanks Bong Go for Malasakit Center Law during SONA

July 27, 2020
Bong Go

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday gave a shout-out to his former aide now Senator Bong Go over the passage of the Malasakit Center Law — the brainchild of the legislator.

"The Malasakit Center Act has proven to be a great help to our less fortunate citizen needing medical services through one-stop platform in government officials," Duterte said during his fifth State of the Nation Address.

"We commend the initiative and work of Senator Bong Go in this regard as well as the other significant pieces of legislation as of today," he added.

According to Duterte, a total of 75 Malasakit Centers have been established in government hospitals in the country.

"These centers will be of great help in ensuring that our people remain healthy and resilient during these challenging times," he added.