Duterte warns foes he has ‘evil plan’ for them

January 04, 2019
Rodrigo R. Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has bared an “evil plan” to deal with his enemies.

“That is really the fault of all bad people. That they think that they monopolize evil in this country. So may I just would like also to share with you na marami tayo [there are a lot of us]. I also have an evil plan for my enemies,” Duterte said in an event Thursday evening.

Duterte did not elaborate on what his evil plan was, but spoke about deploying more troops to run after ISIS extremists and providing soldiers with sidearms.

He also mentioned the Abu Sayyaf Group, saying its fighters do not have “any tinge of redemption.”

“They just know how to kill and die and you have to match their talent for that,” he added.

Duterte said he has also been observing the ruthlessness of ISIS in decapitating soldiers and children, calling them the “new enemy of humanity.”

In December 2018, Duterte ordered the deployment of additional troops to Jolo, Sulu, to combat the Abu Sayyaf Group. The President said the government will also purchase military firepower from Israel in September 2018.

“You know, I ordered the deployment of one division there. I hope it would temper their cruelty and ruthlessness kasi mukhang ayaw ko rin na ganunin mo lang rin ako [because I would not want that to happen to me],” he said.