El Shaddai endorses Revilla

May 05, 2019

INFLUENTIAL religious group EL Shaddai never believed the accusations and lies thrown at Sen. Bong Revilla. Thus, the group endorsed his re-election bid as senator of the republic.

Mariano Zuniega Velarde, or Bro. Mike Velarde, founder and servant leader of the Philippine-based Catholic charismatic movement, firmly said that he will never be  swayed by anyone, and will stand by his principles.

Revilla was incarcerated for 4 years and 6 months in the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame after being charged by his political foes with fabricated accusations.
This is why Velarde said that he stands by Revilla’s acquittal. He even cleared Sen. Bong’s name and said that El Shaddai will support his re-election bid.

In his speech, Revilla discussed his legislative accomplishments in his previous terms, wherein he filed 614 bills. A total of 223 of these bills were passed into law and continue to benefit the country. If re-elected, Revilla said that he will double his efforts to do more for the Filipino people.

After discussing his platforms, Revilla earned enormous applause from thousands of supporters present during the event.