Eleazar: ‘Kotong cops, pulis patola’ out under Gamboa

February 22, 2020

THERE would be no more chance for so-called “kotong cops or pulis patola” or rogue and bungling policemen under the leadership of General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, the PNP’s third highest official said.

“Since we started wearing the blue uniform, we had been misjudged, negatively generalized, and called names like Kotong Cops, Pulis Patola and other derogatory names that degrade us as human beings, that embarrass our family especially our children, that dishonor our noble profession,” said PNP Deputy Chief for Operations Lieutenant Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar in a talk with Bicol, Mimaropa and Calabarzon policemen at the Police Regional Office 5 regional headquarters  in Legazpi City.

However, he said that through the years, the PNP was able to transform and successfully erase these derogatory names. “Right now, the word ‘kotong’ is no longer associated with the police, and right now, you can no longer see any movie or TV programs that portray policemen as inept, sloppy or Pulis Patola. What you see nowadays are movies and TV programs that recognize the hard work and sacrifices of every policeman, that honor the dignity and integrity of our organization,” the official said.

Eleazar said that the current PNP leadership is seeing to it that there will be an aggressive internal cleansing program aimed at ridding the 205,000-strong police force of misfits and scalawags.

“But the challenges remain. Last week, our Chief PNP, General Archie Gamboa, put premium again on our internal cleansing by meeting a total of 357 policemen who are on President Duterte’s drug watchlist. These policemen will be subjected to month-long adjudication to settle the issue of narco-cops allegations once and for all,” he said.

“And currently, our Chief PNP also initiated the no-take policy in order to shield the organization against the temptation of dirty money from illegal gambling, illegal drugs and other illegal activities— again, in the name of internal cleansing and reforms,” he added.

Eleazar said that amid these challenges, they are calling on members of the police force to adapt to the changing times for effective policing because it is one of the essences of the PNP transformation programs.

“For instance, the Filipino people whom we vow to serve and protect are now more active in all social media platforms with the advent of new technology. So I encourage you to adapt by being social media active too. Why? Because the so-called netizens, if you would notice, would rather post their complaints and other peace and order-related incidents that they know in their social media accounts,” he said.