Fight vs invasive ‘aliens’

EXPERTS and researchers in the Asia-Pacific region have converged in the Philippines to fight invasive alien species (IAS) which are posing serious environmental concerns to humankind.

In welcoming the delegates, Environmental Secretary Roy Cimatu emphasized the need for these regions to work together  and come up with solutions that would reduce the negative impact of these species to biodiversity and the environment in general.

IAS are plants, animals, pathogens and other organisms that are non-native to an ecosystem, and which may cause economic or environmental harm to human health.

Among the most infamous IAS in the Philippines are the American bullfrog and the golden apple snail or golden kuhol, which have displaced indigenous species in natural habitats.

The international conference on IAS management took place in Manila from July 9-11.

“I stand firm in promoting convergence of our research and development (R&D) efforts for a sustainable region-wide management of (IAS),” Cimatu said.

The three-day event brought together experts, researchers, dialogue partners, environment managers and other stakeholders from the Asia-Pacific region.

“Let us continue with our pursuit for research-driven strategies and policies to effectively manage and conserve biodiversity for the good of humankind,” he added.