Filipino medical workers in UK ‘unsung heroes’

THE British government has lauded Filipino health and medical professionals working in the United Kingdom for their great work in the battle against coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

British Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce relayed the message to Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano in a virtual meeting.

According to Pruce, Filipino healthcare workers have contributed significantly to his country’s handling of the pandemic, which to date has infected more than 321,000 people.

Pruce also cited British journalist Piers Morgan’s praise of Filipino healthcare workers in the UK for saving people’s lives, describing Filipino nurses as “unsung heroes.”

Cayetano, for his part, expressed gratitude to Pruce for commending Filipino medical workers for their contribution in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

He also offered greater cooperation between the two countries during and after the pandemic, saying Filipino and British parliamentarians can hold online meetings in lieu of parliamentary visits which are currently not possible due to the health crisis.

Meanwhile, Cayetano said there are other issued discussed in his meeting with Pruce like security cooperation concerning child pornography and the fight against terrorism.

Pruce responded by saying the British government is working closely with the Philippine National Police on the issue of online sexual exploitation of children.