Filipino tourists banned from going to S. Korea

February 27, 2020

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) will allow the restricted entry to the country of all foreign nationals coming from South Korea while Filipino tourists will not be allowed to depart for that country.

BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said all foreign nationals who want to enter the country must present a certification issued by the Korean government that they did not come from North Gyeongsang province or even visited for a couple of days the place where the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea reportedly started.

The foreign travelers must have at least two copies of the certification, one for the airline concerned and one for the immigration officer to be presented upon arrival at the NAIA terminal, Sandoval said.

Immigration officials at the airport appealed to Filipino tourists to rebook their trip to South Korea because this is not the time to go there as more than a thousand Koreans have reportedly been infected with the virus, Sandoval said.

Philippine authorities are coordinating with South Korean counterparts to identify the travelers who had come from North Gyeongsang, South Korea, Sandoval added.

At present, no departing Filipino tourist are seen at the airline counters bound for Incheon, South Korea after the announcement of the travel ban for Filipino tourists.