Fox cases resolved next year — Department of Justice

December 21, 2018

THE Department of Justice yesterday assured the public that it will resolve the deportation case of Australian missionary nun Patricia Fox next year.

The DoJ, according to spokesman Undersecretary Mark Perete, has received the memorandum filed by her lawyers concerning her deportation case.

“Because of this, and considering that in the meantime, other equally important but more urgent petitions for review have been filed with the Office of the Secretary of Justice,  the resolution of Sister Fox’s appeal from the deportation order issued against her will have to await next year,” Perete said.

The Bureau of Immigration has found that Fox violated “the limitations and conditions of Commonwealth Act 613, Section 9 (g) missionary visa and undesirable under Article 2711, Section 69 and order her deportation to Australia, subject to her submission of all appropriate clearance and the inclusion of her name in the BI’s blacklist, thus barring her re-entry into the country.”

The bureau cited as basis for its order several photographs showing that she engaged in several partisan political activities sometime in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018—including those where she reportedly demanded the release of political prisoners, joined the rallies for land distribution in Hacienda Luisita, and a labor rally in Davao City.