Fox disputed on ‘reign of terror’ rap

November 05, 2018
Patricia Fox

THERE is no “reign of terror and tyranny” in the Philippines, Malacañang said yesterday, after Sister Patricia Fox slammed the alleged increasing human rights abuses and culture of impunity under the Duterte administration.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said Fox, who was forced to leave the county on November 3 after the Bureau of Immigration refused to extend her visa, was “a classic case of an inappreciative tourist.”

Fox, who stayed in the Philippines for 27 years, was accused by the government of illegally engaging in partisan politics.

“This is a classic case of an inappreciative tourist who saw nothing good and complained about the country which graciously extended its hospitality,” Panelo said in a statement.

“There is no reign of terror and tyranny in the Philippines. There is only a reign of fear in the minds and hearts of those who violated the law. They are terrified that the law is finally running after them. What we have is a reign of strict enforcement of the laws,” he added.

Despite global condemnation for President Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, Panelo said “the administration continues to adhere to the rule of law.”

“The President follows the command of the Constitution for him to enforce the laws of the land regardless of who is involved. Let no person, therefore, take lightly the President’s duty to serve and protect the people,” he said.