Gamboa optimistic PH will win fight vs COVID-19

Archie Francisco F. Gamboa
PNP chief, Gen. Archie Francisco F. Gamboa:To my fellow Filipinos, let us commemorate this Easter Sunday by rallying behind our President in this war against one common enemy. File photo by JONJON REYES

AS the entire Christendom celebrated the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ, Philippine National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa yesterday expressed optimism that the country will soon emerge as victors in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus just like what the Risen Christ did.

“Christ has Risen! Happy Easter to All, the last day of the Lenten season. Lent is equivalent to about three 14-day quarantine resets or around 6 weeks, the same period of time that majority of humanity commemorates the passion and death on the Cross and the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. This coincidence of the Latin Quadragesima meaning “Fortieth” is perhaps God’s way of making humanity truly experience the passion on the cross of the Son of God and His resurrection today, Easter Sunday,” said the PNP chief in a statement.

Gen. Gamboa paid tribute to police officers and men and their families who have been sacrificing a lot since the government implemented the Enhanced Community Quarantine three weeks ago and expressed high hopes that their battle will not be in vain.

“Our nation and World’s Fight against COVID-19 this Holy Week made us suffer with God, made the world feel the Crown of Thorns and made us admit our weaknesses, ask for forgiveness and forgive our fellow men. Most importantly, this Easter Sunday, strengthen our Faith that God loves us,” he said.

“As our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said last Holy Wednesday; “This is the Holy Week, I am calling on the nation to come together and pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Filipino and unite in one prayer to God to fight our common enemy,” he said.

Gen. Gamboa said the President needs all the help he can get as he led the country’s war against the deadly virus.

“To my fellow Filipinos, let us commemorate this Easter Sunday by rallying behind our President in this War against One Common Enemy. Let us take part in our own 40 days of passion by staying at home while praying and supporting our last line of defense – the Medical Health Workers together with all the front-liners including the men and women of the PNP and AFP who are all heroes in this battle, who risk their lives, being away from their families – to save lives. Let us heed the call of government to stop fomenting panic, hatred and confusion by propagating disinformation,” he said.

“Let us have Faith that like Jesus, we are all experiencing His passion, pain and death. Let us help the marginalized who struggle to survive the heat inside their shanties while parting the assistance given to them throughout this quarantine period; let us share the pain of being hungry, the pain of not being able to work or being laid-off from work, the pain of losing businesses, the pain of losing loved-ones from COVID-19 and the pain of its impact in our livelihood, our economy and our physical and mental health,” he added.

“Let us all commend to God’s healing hands our nation and the whole of humanity. To all my 205,000 brothers and sisters in the PNP, let us lead in prayer and believe that in Bayanihan We Will Heal as One and have our Own Easter Victory vs COVID-19!” he said.