Get rid of corrupt politicians, bishop urges voters

A Catholic bishop has warned voters not to expect change if they will continue to vote for corrupt politicians.

Antipolo Bishop Francisco de Leon said corruption is still a big problem in the country because corrupt politicians keep getting elected.

“If we keep voting candidates who are known to be corrupt, don’t expect that our lives will improve,” Bishop De Leon said.

The prelate was speaking in his homily during Mass to celebrate the solemnity of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at the Antipolo Cathedral on Tuesday.

De Leon lamented how traditional politicians take advantage of vulnerable people who are willing to sell their votes for survival.

He  urged voters against selling their votes, as that meant selling their conscience and the credibility of the nation for money.

“If we are going to sell our votes, don’t expect it will bring about change,” he added.

As Christians, the bishop said that voters are being called to discern and not ignore God when they vote.

“Look at your conscience. And let’s follow whatever God tells us to do,” he said.