Give bonus early, solon urges employers

November 08, 2018

WITH the approval of a “small pay” hike for Metro Manila workers, an administration solon is appealing to employers to release early the 13th month salary.

Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo is calling on employers in the National Capital Region (NCR) to give this month, if possible, the 13th month bonus so that workers can already buy the things they need for Christmas.

By doing so, Castelo said workers can already buy their needs for Christmas like food and gifts while prices are not yet exorbitant.

“Businesses usually jack up their prices when Christmas gets near to take advantage of the rush. Let’s save our workers from this inconvenience by giving their benefits and bonuses, if there’s any, in advance,” Castelo, chairman of the Committee on Metro Manila Development, said.

Castelo noted that while there are companies that are generous, many are still waiting for December before giving the workers’ financial benefits.

“I hope these (employers) can sympathize with the current plight of our workers who are reeling from the effects of inflation on their families,” he said.