GMA appeals for solidarity

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

FORMER President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has appealed for solidarity as several nations continue to battle the killer coronavirus disease (COVID-19.)

In a statement, Arroyo urged people to refrain from finger-pointing but instead follow the authorities in the  implementation of the enhanced community quarantine or lockdown.

“At this critical time of struggle against the pandemic, solidarity is indispensable. We can only allow finger-pointing and fault-finding at our own peril,” stressed Arroyo, the first female House Speaker.

“Blaming China for one as the alleged culprit in this viral outbreak has been rejected as stigmatizing and counterproductive action by the World Health Organization,” the Association for Philippines China Understanding (APCU) Chair Emeritus added.

To date, every human community is facing a global pandemic unprecedented in destructive impact to public health, economies and social fabric since World War II.

“The escalating plight of millions around the world is haunting. Yes, the deadly virus is daunting,” Arroyo also noted.

She also recognized and thanked health workers who are doing the frontliners’ heroic task amid inadequate facilities and at great risk to their well-being.

The number of people affected by the virus increases every day.

Arroyo likewise lauded the government for coming up with radical measures like travel quarantine and lock downs to contain the contagion.

“This virus does not respect national borders and will affect every country. We rise and fight as one to overcome this health emergency,” she said.