GMA to follow DU30 cue on NFA abolition

September 12, 2018

Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has vowed to work for the abolition of the National Food Authority (NFA) Council.

This is the quick response of Arroyo to the earlier statement of President Rodrigo Duterte that he’ll ask Congress to abolish the NFA Council amid the rice crisis that is already in its 8th month.

“Well if he (Duterte) ask for it, then we will work on it,” Arroyo said in an ambush interview.

When asked if the abolition is a good idea, Arroyo said it would have to be done since it is President Duterte calling for it.

“Remember when I was in Pampanga I was asked, I’m neither here nor there. It can be abolished, it can be retained. If it’s a President’s policy call, we will work on it,” the former President added.

Speaker Arroyo is committed to pushing for the legislative agenda of President Duterte.

During his one-on-one talk with Presidential Legal Counsel Savador Panelo, Duterte said he is planning to recommend to Congress the abolition of the NFA Council amid the increase in prices of rice.

One of the main functions of the NFA Council is to make plans on when to import rice and the mode of importation.

The council was being blamed for its late decision to import rice which led to lack of supply and the spike in prices.

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