Gordon seeks China’s aid in shabu probe

Richard Gordon

SENATE Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Senator Richard Gordon has sought the aid of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in gathering information in connection with the Senate ongoing probe into the importation of electronic magnetic lifters containing shabu.

In a letter, Gordon has asked Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano for assistance in coordinating with pertinent Chinese authorities the gathering of information about KC Chan, a.k.a Chan Fhonie or Chan Yee Wah Albert; and Fung Ping Cheung, a.k.a. James Fong.

Chan is reportedly a resident of Shenzhen City, China, while Fung is a holder of a Great Britain passport issued in Hong Kong.

“In this regard, we would appreciate the assistance of the Philippine Embassy and Consulate in China and Hong Kong, in coordinating with the appropriate authorities in their respective jurisdictions to gather any pertinent information on any official action, investigation or cooperation with local authorities … regarding the abovementioned individuals including criminal records, if any,” Gordon said in his letter to Cayetano.

Gordon said that the PDEA, which he thought had arrived with at the same conclusion that an international drug syndicate run by Chinese are operating in the country, can use any information that may come out of their investigation to strengthen the shabu smuggling cases that they would file.

“It is also possible that Andy Cheng, the Hong Kong man they are looking for, who had been tagged as the local mastermind behind the shipment in Cavite, is also our guy,” the senator said.

To further shed light on the operation of the syndicate smuggling illegal drugs in the country, Gordon also asked Cayetano to direct the Philippine Embassies in Hanoi, Vietnam and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to contact the shipping companies used to transport the magnetic lifters to the Philippines to get information about the shipments.

Among the information Gordon wanted was the name and contact details of the person or company in the Philippines that placed the order for magnetic lifters. He also wanted embassy officials to ask for the name and contact details of persons or companies that booked and paid for the shipments of the industrial equipment.

The Blue Ribbon Committee, which Gordon chairs, is investigating the importation to the Philippines, through the Bureau of Customs (BoC), of magnetic lifters containing drugs.

A joint operation of the BoC and the PDEA seized an abandoned container at the Manila International Container Terminal. Inside were two electronic magnetic lifters with 355 kilos of shabu concealed inside them. Similar magnetic lifters were also discovered in a warehouse in Cavite with indications that they were also used to store drugs.