Government employees warned on use of gadgets during office hours

March 19, 2019

THE Civil Service Commission (CSC) has warned government employees not to spend their office hours playing mobile games or social media.

“Be quick, courteous and efficient in dealing with clients, whether an employee uses government or personal tablet or computer or mobile phone, playing games during office hours is not allowed,” Commissioner Aileen Lizada said.

According to Lizada, such an act may be treated as conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service in which under CSC Resolution No. 1701077 or the Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (RACCS), it means a suspension for six months and one day up to one year for the first offense and doing it again means dismissal from the service.

The CSC official also announced that she will do spot checks of national government agencies and local government units nationwide to check services provided.

“In all my regional visits, the formula will be the same. We will visit government offices at any given hour. We need to let government workers know that the CSC is monitoring them. Hindi ibig sabihin na nakapasok ka sa gobyerno ay wala na pong check. Paalala po sa lahat ng kawani ng gobyerno na gawin po natin ang nararapat lamang, magbigay ng mahusay at tapat na serbisyo sa kliyente natin,” she said.

The spot check is also a way for the CSC to determine if the human resource policies crafted are implemented on the ground and to address gaps through feedback gathered, especially in the provision of frontline services.

Lizada said frontline service units  are crucial in improving the perception of clients of government efficiency as they are the first line of contact with the citizenry.

During a spot check at an LGU Naval in Biliran, three employees were caught either playing mobile games or watching videos on their phones.