‘Hear us’

October 08, 2018
Panay Electric Company

30,000 anti-PECO petitioners willing to face Congress.

CONSUMERS of the Panay Electric Company (PECO) are willing to face the House of Representatives to air their grievances and oppose the firm’s franchise renewal as the lone electric distributor in Iloilo City.

Iloilo City Councilor Joshua Alim, one of the anti-PECO franchise renewal, recounted they were only given three minutes to speak on behalf of the consumers during the first hearing before the House Committee on Legislative Franchises last year.

In the next hearing, Alim hopes that complainants of the alleged poor services will be invited and given ample time to discuss their grievances against PECO.

“Our only request is for our legislators to hear the valid concerns of the Iloilo electric consumers. We are the primary victims when PECO’s franchise will be renewed. We have nothing against PECO if they could only provide us with quality service that is rightfully due for the amount we pay the company. We appeal to the Congress to consider our call by not adhering to the business interest of the few,” said Alim.

The petitioners have already submitted formal complaints calling for the non-renewal of PECO’s franchise due to alleged overbilling, concerns about electric bill metering, unannounced power outages, poor customer service, inaction on their complaints and some arrogant personnel.

Of the 60,000 PECO consumers, Alim said 30,000 are against its franchise renewal and signed a manifesto submitted to Congress.

“We pray that the signatures we have gathered will serve as a wake-up call to our legislators,” Alim stated.

Aside from a signed manifesto from the residents, the City Council of Iloilo also passed a resolution opposing the franchise renewal of PECO.