Higher hazard pay for AFP in conflict zone sought

A bill seeking to increase the hazard pay of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) personnel in conflict areas, including civilian doctors and nurses,  has been filed in the Senate.

Senator  Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao  filed Senate Bill No. 970 seeking to increase the current P540 monthly hazard pay of AFP personnel in conflict areas to as much as P20,000.

Also covered in the proposed measure are civilian doctors and nurses under the AFP Memorial Medical Center (AFPMMC) and those who provide aid and medical assistance to the military in the field.

Under the bill, the hazard pay for doctors and nurses would be adjusted to P10,000 monthly.

Pacquiao, in introducing the bill just months after the base pay increase of the military and other uniformed personnel became effective this year, noted that the hazard pay of military and uniformed personnel remained fixed at P540.

“Personnel of AFP are the country’s frontlines in dealing with apprehensions in the borders and tensions with terrorist and extremist groups. The AFP defends our country despite the exposure to danger and possibly risking their lives,” Paquiao said.