House leadership, gains in 17th Congress cited


THE House of Representatives has adopted House Resolution (HR) No. 2599 expressing the appreciation of the House of Representatives for the remarkable achievements and contributions by the House leadership, the Majority and the Minority Leaders, the chairpersons of the standing and special committees, the congressional staff, the Secretariat personnel, and other entities and individuals, that have contributed to the outstanding performance of the House of Representatives during the 17th Congress.

HR No. 2599, principally authored by Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, House Majority Leader Fredenil Castro and House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, cites that the 17th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines reaches the culmination of its term with pride after a successful run toward the enactment of meaningful and vital legislative measures.

The resolution states that during the First and Second Regular Sessions, former Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez proved his distinctive leadership to promote excellence in public service and facilitated the enactment of several measures that resolved a range of issues deemed crucial toward building a more responsive government.

It further states that during the Third Regular Session, Speaker Arroyo effectively steered the House to rise above the pressure of varying personages and ideologies composing the legislature, and with her usual grit and steady resolve, led the House Members to perform with determination, compassion and open-mindedness.

The Deputy Speakers delivered exceptional control and wisdom while presiding over the Plenary sessions and assuming the duties and powers of the Speaker, and were instrumental in the formulation of appropriate policies, strategies and programs of action for a more responsive and dynamic House., it states.

Moreover, it cites the Majority and the Minority Leaders’ admirable feat of harmonizing the diverse causes and policies espoused by each House member, leading to a unified and productive legislative body.

As also stated in the resolution, the chairpersons of the Standing and Special Committees were equally competent in providing the guidance and clear definition necessary to create, discuss and approve substantive and beneficial bills and resolutions for the consideration of the Congress of the Philippines.

With their institutional knowledge and experience, the Secretariat officials and employees skillfully aided the House leadership and all House Members.

The services rendered by the Congressional staff were likewise critical for they have provided the first line of assistance required by the House Members and as such, should be duly recognized, the resolution states.

The House of Representatives is likewise grateful to the distinguished persons in various government agencies who selflessly rendered their support and technical expertise during the legislative process.

The resolution states that the synergy among the House leadership, House members, Secretariat, Congressional staff, other government agencies and private individuals, forged a formidable commitment to deliver vital pieces of legislation and ensured the success of the 17th Congress.