House panel approves bill increasing chalk allowance

February 29, 2020

THE House Committee on Basic Education and Culture approved the teaching supplies allowance bill.

The bill provides additional allowance to the teachers for  school supplies being  used in the schools.

One of the authors, ACT Teachers Representatuive  France Castro, welcomed the approval of the bill saying this will increase the allowance for teaching supplies of all public school classroom teachers, commonly known as the “chalk allowance.”

Castro said teachers are still forced to shell out from their own pockets to provide for the supplies and materials they use in their classrooms and in their practice of teaching. 

Classroom teachers are only given P3,500 a year or P16.83 per school day.

“This is far from enough especially because the Department of Education expects them to deliver what they call ’21st century teaching’ without ensuring that they are provided with laptops, internet connection, flash drives, printers and other gadgets needed to meet the increasing demands,” Castro said.

The bill seeks to increase the teaching supplies allowance for all public classroom teachers from the current P3,500 to P5,000 per year. 

Counterpart bills in the Senate are also already pending for 2nd reading.

“We urge the leadership of both houses of Congress to prioritize the measure for its immediate enactment into law,” Castro said.

“Through the active and consistent mass campaign of teachers’ groups and unions, as well as our yearly interventions in the budget hearings, we have been able to successfully raise the chalk allowance from a measly P700 to P1,000 in 2012, P1,500 in 2016, P2,500 in 2017, to the current P3,500,” Castro said.