House ratifies GMRC bill

THE House of Representatives  ratified a bicameral conference committee report institutionalizing the teaching of Good Moral and Right Conduct (GMRC)  to  elementary and secondary students.

Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, one of the authors of the measure, cited the need to strengthen the common core values and inculcate universally acceptable moral standards among the Filipino youth.

“The teaching of the GMRC is important nowadays because of the rise of the digital age and increased exposure to the internet and social media, it is important to introduce and teach etiquette and moral uprightness to students during their formative years to preserve the values and identity of Filipinos.

“The institutionalization of GMRC and values education in our education curriculum will greatly contribute to the development of a national moral uprightness program of the country, which is a key factor in nation-building,” Cayetano explained.

“This measure is vital to prevent perennial problems of the society like corruption, crime and illegal drugs. We express our gratitude to our colleagues in the House of Representatives, as well as my fellow lawmakers in the Senate who supported the bill and shared our advocacy of preserving the Filipino values, upholding of moral character and uprightness,” he added.

Under the approved bill, the GMRC and Values Education  shall replace the existing Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao curriculum of the Department of Education (DepEd).

The GMRC shall be integrated in the daily learning activities of kindergarten students, while it shall be taught as a separate subject for students, with the same time allotment as the other core subjects, from Grades 1 to 6.

On the other hand, Values Education shall be taught as a separate subject for students from Grades 7 to 10. The subject shall also be delivered using clear, distinct, specific and concrete character building activities. The GMRC shall remain integrated in the teaching of Values Education.

If enacted into law, the new curriculum shall focus on the basic tenets of GMRC, such as caring for oneself, giving concern for others, according proper respect to people, upholding discipline and order, cultivating sincerity, honesty, obedience, and above all, love for country.

Values Education shall be an integral and essential part of the DepEd’s K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum and shall encompass universal human, ethical, and moral values, among others.