Hugpong head breaks truce

Leila de Lima

PROVOKED by stinging criticism from detained Sen. Leila de Lima, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte broke her own truce with the opposition – with all guns firing.

In an open letter, the Hugpong ng Pagbabago founder and chairman slammed De Lima for attacking her on the issue of honesty.

Mayor Sara or Inday Sara as she is fondly called, even dared De Lima to propose a law making honesty a requirement for public office.

De Lima had earlier already criticized the mayor over the issue of honesty to which the HNP campaign manager replied it should not be an issue because all senatorial candidates are not honest.

“If I am an example of what is wrong and what could be worse for our government, you just described yourself as well,” Mayor Duterte told De Lima in her open letter.

“You are the worst because you are intelligent and dumb all in one head,” she added.

Inday Sara also branded the opposition candidates including De Lima as Black Holes.

“You are the only person from the Black Hole who said it right, dapat ang botante ang nagsasabi kung ano ang hinahanap niya sa kandidato. But you are dumb as well, for attacking me without reading the entire transcription of my statement and comprehending what I said,” the Davao City Mayor said.

She added: “Ang sabi ko, hindi ang opposition ang magsasabi kung ano dapat ang isang kandidato at hindi issue ang honesty dahil hindi yan requirement para ka maging kandidato.”

Therefore, Mayor Duterte said, Black Hole candidates, who are themselves liars, should not attack a candidate in that manner.

The lady Mayor used the same argument on the issue of a college degree or inclusion in the narco-list.

In addition, she challenged De Lima to draft a bill that will make honesty a requirement in all elections.

“You are a senator — honesty about your involvement in the illegal drugs business under scrutiny by the courts — how about you make a law adding honesty as a requirement for all Filipinos before they can run for public office,” she said.

“Maybe then you can save the government from yourself, Inday Sara, Leni, Digong, Panelo, Alejano, Hilbay, and the all the de Limas of the universe,” she added.

Under the law, Philippine senators are only required to be natural-born citizens of the country, at least 35-years-old on election day, able to read and write, a registered voter, and a resident of the Philippines for at least 2 years.

Mayor Duterte was responding to De Lima’s statement that “Salvador Panelo and Sara Duterte represent what is wrong and how things could be worse for our government. Bago  pag-usapan kung magaling o edukado ang kandidato, ang unang tanong dapat ng ating bata Te: nagsasabi ka ba  totoo? Naglilingkod ka ba nang tapat.”