I’ll be a marked man after my term -- Duterte

May 12, 2019
Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte said that he might just go into hiding after his term, adding that his enemies will surely go after him and he may just be killed by the DDS.

Duterte made the statement in a speech in Davao City late Friday.

In his speech, Duterte joked that he may just stay inside his house after his presidency since people may be waiting outside to kill him.

“Three years, wala na ko. Di na ko mudagan. Dili na pud ko mugawas-gawas kay basin ako pu’y i-DDS. Panahon na pagbalos eh (In three years, I will no longer be in this position. And I can’t go out of the house that much because I might be the one who will be killed by the DDS because it’s payback time),” he said.

“Sigurado balikan gyud ko nila. Sa balay na lang ko kay ako na pud ang ma DDS (For sure they will get back at me. I’ll just stay at home because I will be the next target of DDS),” he said.

The acronym DDS originally stood for Duterte Death Squad, an alleged group of people who killed criminals on orders of Duterte when he was still mayor of Davao City.

Currently, the term is used by his supporters to identify themselves. One of the known definition of DDS is “Die-hard Duterte Supporters.”

Meanwhile, Duterte also advised his supporters and candidates to choose good leaders and be on the lookout once he steps down from the presidency in 2022.

“Naa man na’y election. Kana, magpili na gyud ta’g maayo nga mga tao diha kay dili na akong panahon. Karon, pwede mo magpatuya-tuya lang. Wa man mubadlong. Wa’y mo-file niyo’g kaso (This coming elections, choose your leaders wisely. Make sure that they are good because it’s no longer my time. As of now, you can still relax because no one will complain or file a case against you),” he said.

“But the critical thing is after I end my presidency. That would be the time that you have to be at least a little bit… on your toes,” he added.